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Don’t waste your marketing and advertising budget on consumers who aren’t ready. Invest in campaigns that keep customers coming with our performance marketing services and  media buying platform.


We’ve seen it all before. A business uses its hard-earned money on a marketing campaign that gets plenty of views but not enough engagement. The problem is often that it’s not reaching the right audience. Performance marketing can help.

At Duke Digital Group, we use cutting-edge technology to optimize your campaigns and get your message to the right audience.

  • Only pay for the audience who engages with your brand
  • Be confident in the return on your investment
  • Use marketing campaigns backed by the latest technology

Cost Effecient Lead Generation 

Enjoy higher conversion and retention rates

Experience matters

With over 20 years of experience, we know how to make performance marketing work for you. What problems will we solve together?

Lead Generation


Enjoy more qualified leads thanks to our data-driven, technology-backed campaigns. We find customers who are ready to connect with your brand and make a purchase.

Industry Expertise

Publish content on industry-specific websites to ensure you reach the right audience. Industries include legal, health, home improvement, insurance, and more!

Social & Native Ads

Meet customers where they are by placing ads on social media sites and more. We use technology and data to make sure the right audience sees it.

Marketing Platform

Scale your campaigns and amplify reach intelligently with our Bulldog Marketing Platform.

Custom Integrations

Integrate your ads and sponsored content to your industry and find your customers on sites they already love.

Data-Driven Targeting

Don’t guess when it comes to audience segmentation. We use data analytics and cutting-edge tools for precise targeting and lead generation.

Real Results, Real Success

The Best Instagram Growth Service

Instagram Triumph:  We built an Instagram page from scratch to a staggering 140K followers. With an average monthly audience reach of over 500K, our strategy captures attention and fuels engagement like never before


Instagram Followers


Accounts Engaged

70k YouTube Subscribers and averaging 400k-700k views per Month

YouTube Sensation: Our expertise turned a fledgling YouTube channel into a force to be reckoned with, boasting 73K subscribers and millions of monthly views. Let your brand’s story unfold on a global stage.


Your customers are out there waiting to give you business. Find them where they are with our cost-effective performance marketing services. Learn how our experts can drive business growth.

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